Starting Bereaved Parents of the USA Chapter…

Bereaved Parents of the USA knows that there is a need for a support group for parents who have had a child die in every community across the country. We know that grief shared is grief divided. It is so much easier to walk the long journey of grief after the death of your children with others who truly know how you feel. Only one who has also had a child, grandchild or sibling die understands the many aspects of this grief and how long it lasts.

Starting a support group to help other hurting bereaved families is a wonderful way to honor your child, grandchild or sibling.

If you are a bereaved parent, grandparent or adult sibling who is at least 18 to 24 months from the death of your own child, grandchild, sister or brother and are interested in starting a Bereaved Parents of the USA Chapter in your community we would be very happy to walk you through the steps to do this.

Starting a Bereaved Parents of the USA Chapter is not hard. You first need the desire and commitment to do so. There is no charge to start a chapter.

BP/USA meetings can be as formal or as informal as you like. Many chapters start with a small circle of bereaved parents, adult siblings and grandparents coming together monthly to share their feelings, and give support and encouragement to one another.

You would need to find a suitable place to hold your monthly meetings such as a church, library or school. After filling out the necessary paperwork with BP/USA, you would need to contact your local Newspaper, funeral homes and churches etc. to inform them of your plans to start a support group in your area.

For additional information and help on starting a Bereaved Parents of the USA Chapter please submit the following form:

Or by US mail at:

Carolyn Jones
P. O. Box 24
Coy, AR 72037
(501) 920-4852